Fields of interest

  • International Macroeconomics
    • Migration and Labour Markets
    • Fiscal and Monetary Integration
  • Fiscal Policy in Germany and Europe
  • DSGE/HAM Modelling

Work in progress

Clemens, M., Hart, J.: A Search and Matching Approach to Business-Cycle Migration in the Euro Area
Clemens, M., Hart, J.: Migration, Unemployment and the Business Cycle - A Euro Area Perspective -
Claveres, G. , Clemens, M.: Unemployment insurance union
Clemens, M., Eydam, U., Heinemann, M.: What Drives the Income and Wealth Distribution over the Business Cycle - Evidence from an Estimated DSGE Model
Clemens, M., Eydam, U., Hartjenstein, S., Heinemann, M.: A Modified Truncated History Approach to Solve
Heterogeneous Agents Models with Aggregate Shocks
Clemens, M.: Oil Prices, Terms of Trade and Optimal Monetary Policy

* own presentation